Ibrahim Duqum, DDS

Dr. Ibrahim Duqum is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics at UNC
School of Dentistry; Director, New Educational eXperiences and Technology Center (NEXT)

Director, DDS 4 Group Practice C, General Dentistry Clinic
Department of Prosthodontics at UNC School of Dentistry.  
He completed his BDS degree in dentistry from the School of Dentistry at the
University of Jordan in 1997. After graduation he worked as a general dentist in Jordan for 7 years,
5 of them as a military dentist in the Royal Medical Services (RMS). He Joined the UNC graduate
Prosthodontics program in 2005 and received his certificate and M.S. degree in Prosthodontics in
June 2008. He Joined the UNC department of Prosthodontics in July 2008 as a Clinical Assistant
Professor. He is board eligible of the American Board of Prosthodontics, a member of the American
College of Prosthodontists, The American Education, Dental Association, and the North Carolina
division of the American Academy of Dental Research. His teaching responsibilities at UNC
include didactic, pre-clinical and clinical Fixed, Removable, and Implant Prosthodontics. He is the
course director for the preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics single unit restoration course (Dent 204)
since 2009. Dr. Duqum is actively involved in patient care at UNC Dental faculty practice and is a
member of UNC dental implant team. His clinical interests include oral rehabilitation of complex
cases with fixed, removable, and implant supported prostheses. Dr. Duqum is the course director for
the provisional restoration fabrication workshop at UNC. He also lectures locally and nationally on
all aspects of prosthodontic care. 


Dental Implant Presentation topics:
1)Digital Technology in Implant Abutment Design and Fabrication
2) How Many Implants?  How to optimize your case during the treatment planning phase.
3) Utilization of Narrow and Short Dental Implants
4) Digital Technology in Implant Dentistry (Digital Workflows, Guided surgery, CAD design abutments, CAD/CAM bars and full Zirconia implant prostheses, ).
5) Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Implant Therapy.
6) Implants in the esthetic zone: Keys to Success.
7) Dental Implant options for the Partially Edentulous Patient.
8) Dental Implant options for the Fully Edentulous patient (Implant overdentures, Hybrid prosthesis, Implant full arch FPDs, Full arch zirconia prosthesis).
9) Provisional restorations in Implant Therapy.
10) Endodontics or Implants, an Evidence Based Approach for Clinical Decision Making.
11) The Implant Partial Overdenture.
12) The Implant Overdenture Prosthesis Design and management.
13) The Dental Implant Bio-management complex.
14) Implant in Regenerative bone.
15) Prosthetic Abutment Design in Dental Implant Therapy.
16) The Dental Abutment interface (Micorgap, Platform switching, Bone and soft tissue maintenance in relation to the interface).
17) Management of prosthetic and mechanical complications in Dental implant therapy.
18) Design of fixed implant restorations (Framework design, digital design, Screw retained vs. Cement retained restorations).
19) Special situations in dental implant therapy (short implants for maxillary and mandibular posterior rehabilitation and the use of Narrow implants).
20) Troubleshooting Implant Retained Dentures
21) Dental Implant Complications: Diagnosis and management
22) Cement versus Screw Retained Restorations In Implant Dentistry. Treatment planning and Treatment outcomes.
23) Digital screw retained implant restorations. Materials, Designs, pitfall and more.
24) Dental Implant effect on survival, morbidity, pulpal and periapical health of adjacent teeth based on research data (NEW and Evidence based).

B. Fixed, Removable and Esthetic Dentistry topics
1. Update on All Ceramic Restorations
2. Provisional Restorations in Fixed and removable prosthodontics: Keys to Success
3. Important guideline for esthetic dentistry
4. Soft tissue management in fixed prosthodontics
5. Diagnosis and treatment planning for fixed prosthodontics
6. Update on Cement and Cementation
7. Update on Digital Technology in Restorative Dentistry
8. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Removable Partial Prosthodontics
9. Treatment planning in Complete Denture Therapy
10. Complete Denture Esthetics and phonetics
12. Patient outcomes and complications in Fixed Prosthodontics Therapy
13. Clinical Decision Making in Fixed Prosthodontics
14. Treatment of the Mutilated Dentition
15. Occlusal Design for Fixed prosthodontics Therapy
16. Occlusal Design for Removable Prosthodontics
17. Digital Design in Fixed Prosthodontics a Contemporary Approach
18. Ceramic Veneers Design, materials and preparation
19.  Current concepts for diagnosis and treatment of tooth wear
20. Contemporary materials for full mouth reconstruction
21. Update on occlusal scheme for full mouth reconstruction
22. Altering the Occlusal Vertical Dimension: When, why and how?
23. Metal Free Removable Partial Dentures.
24. Digital Workflows in Fixed and Removable prosthodontics.
25. Digital Dental Photography. How does it help your practice.

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